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Generate accurate Autogen for flight simulators

Import Open street maps data into flight simulators, for a true vfr experience.
Osm2xp currently supports X-plane, Fly!Legacy and FSX.

Works on MacOs, Linux and Windows.

Osm2xp is written in Java , so every system can run it, as long as you have Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer.

Open Scenery X integration

With Open scenery X integration, various objects like lighthouses, water towers , wind turbines are accurately placed on X-Plane terrain.
VFR Flying has never been this real , and it's only on X-Plane !

X-Plane 10 Ultra High Quality Scenery video

Fly! Legacy and open street map

I've been working with Jean Sabatier on open street map integration for Fly! Legacy open source flight simulator.
Check screenshots here :


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